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Michael Buble Concert Customer Comments

  • Michael Buble (Written by Judy , 12 March 2011)

    Michael Buble - You were sensational.  Great Comedian, Singer, Entertainer, the night was over before you could blink!  Would love to have had another two hours of entertainment from such a wonderful star!  It was a shame I had to put up with the screaming bimbos in my ear which drowned out two of your songs when you came up into the crowd - away from the "drunks" at the front of the stage.  Oh to take away the alcohol and thoroughly enjoy your entertainment.

    Sandalford - wonderful venue, toilet sign could be a little smaller and not so in your face!  Buses from Midland a great idea. But the carpark area and trying to leave this venue is a nightmare!  Get the exits and the staff more organised and it would be the best venue for concerts in the whole of Perth.

  • MB @ MR (Written by niall baron, 11 March 2011)

    Had the most amazing time at sandleford margaret river. could never do this ent ever again without spending the extra few dollars and going VIP, well worth the money. The food, drink and service were world class to match the entertainment. Leewin had better improve on what theydish out as there is a "new kid on the block with a shiny new bike". Natualy seven are out standing performers and deserve to show the word their talents. Michael Buble, what a star, a performer, entertainer, a gentleman. It was hard to see him leave the stage. He didnt just sing, it felt as if you were having a conversation with him. We look forward to seeing him come back again. Niall and Linda Baron.

  • Michael Buble @Sandleford (Written by Margaret , 11 March 2011)

    Thank you thank you for such an ejoyable evening at Sandleford. As a special treat my Husband purchased VIP tickets for the concert on Fri 4th and it was definately money well spent. We were treated like royalty, the staff were second to none, the food was gastronomical and the atmosphere electric. Michael Buble of course was absolutely fantastic, great music and a fabulous entertainer. Never having heard of Naturally7 before we had reservations but after the first minute of their music we are hooked.We cannot fault Sandleford in any shape or form even the walk through the vineyard in high heals didn't dampen my spirit. Yes we will be visiting again. 10 out of 10 Sandleford

  • Disappointed at the end of the night by Sandalford (Written by Brendan , 11 March 2011)

    Michael Buble was sensational, as well as the staging and sound production.  We did pay for VIP tickets, so granted we had great seats.

    Our only disappointment was with Sandalford, who provided a bottle of wine as part of the gift package for the VIP section.  However, they failed to inform anyone that this bottle had to be consumed during the show.  So when leaving a wonderful night, our un-open bottle was confiscated from us by security and binned, stating it was a "responsible service of alcohol" issue. 

    I fail to see how this is the case.  Is it more responsible for me to have to consume an apparent gift bottle of wine, prior to driving home?

    If this was the case, they should have informed everyone to drink as fast as possible before you leave the premises.

    Disappointed Sandalford.

  • Michael Buble Concert - Swan Valley (Written by Chris Rtshiladze, 10 March 2011)

    The concert was fantastic - great venue - great food and wine, outstanding service, Sandalford staff especially.  We were lucky to have Visa VIP tickets so enjoyed a very special dinner, concert and afters.  My one big disappointment was a change of seating arrangements which left my friend and I separated by almost a 2 metre aisle - after booking the tickets in May 2010 we were very disappointed we couldn't enjoy the concert together.

  • Michael Buble (Written by Belinda , 10 March 2011)

    Michael Buble as a performer is excellent, he is a natural at tantalising the audience, Naturally 7 wow they were great. Who was the first singer,couldn't hear or see her at all. All I can say about Michael's performance as it should have been longer.

    The great thing about an outdoor concert is sitting on your blanket, eating your picnic and having a wine or two. The negative is not being able to see the stage, we had high back chairs (8) in front of us, the security didn't bother to make them sit down or move to the back even when we complained, what is the point in having rules if you don't stick to them.The stage was far too low for sitting on the grass, unless you were a lucky VIP or purchased a seat, their area was huge, maybe you should consider only selling enough tickets to allow everyone to see. Even the music up the back was hard to hear. I agree with a previous comment you should somehow alter the gradient of the slope allowing everyone on the grass views.

    Purchasing wine/beer was so easy considering the amount of people there and the toilets thank you thank you for catering for women and having plenty. Wish we had packed some wine in our esky as it wasn't even checked......

  • Bar closure (Written by Tina , 9 March 2011)

    Michael what a STAR.  Loved the whole night at Margaret River - Sandalford.  Wasn't going to make a comment I just enjoy reading others take on the night BUT have to say that through no fault of Sandalfords nor the Margaret River region the alcohol was stopped at the request of MR MICHAEL BUBLE.  So before making comment maybe you should check facts first.  Anyway had a great night and will definately return to such a well run event.  Great job Sandalford!!!!

  • Michael Buble, Margaret River 2011 (Written by Helen , 9 March 2011)

    Me and my hubby absolutely loved the whole entire experience from start to finish. The new sandalford location was awesome and gave us a good excuse to stay back down in margaret River for a few days! (not that we usually need an excuse)

    It was nice that so many people were up dancing and enjoying themselves, personally we didn't see any drunks so can't comment on that one!

    It would appear the lots of people are complaining about different things, the pricing, the seating, the crowds...well....its an outdoor concert with thousands of people....what do you expect??? if they weren't happy with what they could see, they should have arrived earlier! And personally i dont think the prices of drinks were too high, especially for the quality!

    I do have to agree about the high back chairs though, it was supposed to be low backed chairs and anything else was sopposed to be placed towards the back which was never enforced which was a shame for those sitting behind someone in a high chair!

    • Crowd control...well done
    • Bar access....busy, but thats what you'd expect
    • Quality of sound...excellent
    • Ease of Access....great

    At the end of the day, Michael Buble was brilliant...a real crowd pleaser and much funnier than i thought he would be. As for Naturally 7, they were even better than i anticipated. I had seen them on the net and was really looking forward to seeing them live. I can't believe they have their own concerts all over the east Coast and are not doing anything here in Perth...such a shame, i'm sure they'd be a sell out for sure! Hopefully they'll come next year.

    Really looking forward to the next Sandalford concert...probably get VIP next time though!

  • MB in MR (Written by D ., 9 March 2011)

    Wow!!! oh what a night.  Absolutely amazing, very well organised and staff did a fantastic job.  It was absolute genius to have so many toilets!  I take my hat off to you.

    I was blown away by naturally 7, they are so very talented and got the party started.

    Oh Michael what a true entertainer!  I can't remember ever having so much fun.  He really did make you forget about the thousands of people there, it felt so intimate.  How will I ever be able to attend another concert and it hold up to that fabulous night?

    I am very glad that we were dropped off and picked up with my 75 yo M-I-L and her 77 yo sister as the line to get in was scary - but you are going to get that with 12000 people.

    I was embarrassed by the drunken behavior of some and thought that it was a very wise move to close the bar when you did. Why people forget that wine and sun dont mix I'll never know.    I am also embarrassed with some of the petty comments above, perhaps they should look into indoor concerts in the future.  Any event has inflated prices, that is just the way it is.  If you are unhappy about paying more for the convience of not having to bring food then pack a picnic. It really is as simple as that

    Whoever finds your staff needs a medal, what an incredible, professional and considerate group they were, and they handled themselves very well.

    I thought the emails prior to the event were great, I was prepared for everythng.  I didn't bing a camera (thought we werent allowed) so I don't have any photos to upload.  Pitty too we had great seats.

    I will be back and paying for premium seats again.

    Well done!

  • MB 1st Concert @ Swan Valley (Written by Rosemary Medrala, 9 March 2011)

    Question. Does anyone at Sandalford ever read the above comments? If so, where is your right of reply? I read the same criticism after each concert, yet:  your wine is STILL ridiculously expensive, the sparkling wine being of very inferior quality for the price; you continue to suggest public transport to and from the venue, (to what end, reading all of the above?); you don't appear to address the problems of drunken louts, restricted viewing for general admission, the positioning and marshalling of directors chairs and the sector of the audience who wish to talk continually throughout the proceedings.

    However, this WAS the best concert I have ever attended at Swan Valley, for the following reasons. We drove in, easily, at 5pm, went straight to our seats, (not VIP but excellent position), purchased wine, again with ease, ate our picnic, thoroughly enjoyed the high quality of the guitar-playing duo, Naturally 7 and the star of the show. There was little noise in our area during the performance and no drunken louts.  We exited in record time! The wardens have most certainly improved.

    I see that, even though their enthusiasm has been somewhat dappened, patrons continue to promise their future attendance, so ARE you going to address the above concerns of your faithful? They deserve it.


  • Michael Buble Sun 6th Mar (Written by Tracy Gunning, 8 March 2011)

    Fantastic concert, Michael Buble was just brilliant and the venue totally suited the show. The crowd were wonderful and cheered and applauded when my boyfriend proposed to me which truly made our night. Sandalford is a special place now and we will definately be back.

  • Michael Buble Sandalford Concert (Written by Mary-Rose Campbell, 8 March 2011)

    First of all, Congratulations on your first concert at Sandalford Winery, Margaret River.  Generally everything was very well organized.

    As with any new event, there is always room for improvement.

    The entry to the concert was a bit chaotic, with a mixture of cars and busloads arriving together. The pea-gravel pathway was very dangerous especially as there were quite a few elderly patrons.

    It would be great if you could increase the grade of the slope slightly which would greatly improve visibility.

    I don't understand why the bar closed so early, but maybe that was a good thing.

    The bus transport to and from the event was superb. We had Dave Williams as our bus driver and he was a wonderful asset.

    The mix of food outlets seemed good and the toilet facilities seemed adaquate.

    If I had my time to choose again, I would have paid for gold/platinum tickets, mainly for better visibility as I am a very short person.

    Having said all that I/we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and wish we could go again next weekend !!!!

    Great job, guys. Thank you.


  • Michael Buble in Margaret River (Written by Julie , 8 March 2011)

    We had a fabulous time. It was the first time we have been to a Sandalford concert, it was so professionally organised!  Queues moved, venue was AMAZING, facilities great and Michael Buble - awesome!!

  • Michael @ Sandalford Swan Valley (Written by Wendy , 8 March 2011)


    Fantastic concert yet again,,,,,,,,,,,Naturally 7....................AWESOME.. ( where can I get a CD? ).................

    Michael BUBLE.........................MORE AWESOME (..ring me Im free!!! )

    Just wished I had bought VIP tickets to be more "up close and personal".

    Well done to the parking/traffic attendents, excellent job under trying circumstances............

    Definitely agree that "leaving music" would be a good idea when a show ends to hopefully calm the mad rush to get out, and lids on the wine bottles..............too many accidental spillages.

    Id say the best location I have ever seen a concert ...............Well done Sandalford Swan Valley  xx

  • Michael at Sandalford (Written by Nancy Peters, 8 March 2011)

    Brilliant, Brillian, Brilliant. Seeing Michael made me wish I was old enought to have seen Dean Martin and the Rat Pack in Vagas. His band was incredible, support act just amazing. I loved every second of it.

  • Michael Buble - Margaret River (Written by Ray , 8 March 2011)

    Great concert, poor location. Bring in the bulldozers before the next event and shape the ground so that everyone can see the stage.

    As mentioned a thousand times above, getting out was a disaster but credit to everyone who waited patiently listening to Michael Buble CD's in the car, almost like a second concert in the car park.

    As for the price of wine and champagne, what a rip off. Element Classic White $10.40 at a local distributor, how much at Sandalford, $24 warm and without a lid, next ime I'll find a way of sneaking some in I think. I wonder how much damage I can do with a lid from a wine bottle, don't tell Qantas..

    Enough cynacism, great show. Loved it.

    Rumour is that 'Prince' is being booked for next year. Start saving for those VIP ticket.

  • MB and Naturally 7 (Written by Ange , 8 March 2011)

    What excellent entertainers these two acts were. It was a real surprise seeing Naturally 7 because I just didn't know what to expect, but they were fantastic. And of course MB was worth the money. Great show!

  • The 'boobs' Sunday Margaret River (Written by Sue Jackman, 8 March 2011)

    Yes I too booed about the fiance and now he has met me 'in person' love him even more! What a great performer. Yep more songs would have been great, but the enjoyment he was obviously having and crowd interaction gave the concert a special 'intimate' touch. Stage being higher would have been better but otherwise the stage set-up was fabulous. His final song ending with him offering his voice unassisted by microphone, I thought was really special.

    Both support acts were brilliant - who was that fist singer - she was great. Naturally 7 - want a DVD to show my son - they were brilliant.

    We got the bus had to queue, but hey you have to queue in the city for all sorts of things so it didn't worry us at all! Met some lovely folk on bus no.9. Bus driver told us bus didn't leave until 11.15 so we wondered why everyone was rushing off as soon as MB finished! We sat and ate the rest of the picnic we brought with us and enjoyed the bottle of red we purchased earlier. Even some 'canned' music after MB would have been better than nothing, but why not at least that! We were a bit shocked when we wandered over to the bus area at 11.00 to find only one bus left! At least it had waited for us.  

    Not hard to 'stock' up if you wanted as plenty of warning about bar closing. Just as well too, as lots of folk obviously had a bit too much. We drank, but we ate and were merry but not stupid. We had a wonderful time. The staff were all great, toilets clean, easy to find. More lighting there and on walkways definately needed. We didn't have any trouble getting to and from our spot, but we were fairly close to the designated walkway in general admission area, which was the best place to be as we were all having lots of fun.

    Surely one of the bars in Margaret River could have applied for a late license!!! Several of us would have like to have had a debrief drink before heading home, but all was closed. 

    All in all we had such a great time and I would definately attend another concert at Sandalford. Well done guys.

  • Micheal Buble Margaret River (Written by Danny Connolly, 8 March 2011)

    What a fantastic evening!

    From the food at the beginning in a beautifully layed out Marquee, to the friendliness of all staff that were encountered throughout the evening, and then to the entertainment of course, simply remarkable. All aspects were an incredibly high standard, and am so glad could be a part of what was an incredibly successful first concert at the Margaret River Winery.

    One great example was in the VIP marquee when the sun was shining on some of the ladies, some Sandalford employees moved large pot plants to generate some shade. Simply classy as was the entire event.

    Micheal Buble was great, and Naturally 7 were fantastic. Couldnt believe my eyes when they came out, and were the same group I saw playing in Washington Square Park in New York years ago.

    All in all, thankyou

  • Michael Buble' Sandalfords at MR (Written by Lauren , 8 March 2011)

     One night, one man, sooo many fans ! Congrats to MB for bringing a smile to all those hearts! :)

    We followed the rules,no audio, no recording devices and bring your low back chairs.

    They say seeing is believing, well sadly we couldnt see a thing and thats because we followed all the rules.

    Honestly this is the only complaint ,WE COULDNT SEE!!! Although the audio wasnt too bad but would have enjoyed a little more volume, some speakers up the back as well perahps. 

     There is now a sad face etched on my heart ! not so many thanks to the event organisers.

    Please next time you want to fill up your general admission set it up to everyones advantage not for first in best dressed ,so to  speak.



  • Michael Buble Concert (Written by Nicky Griffin-Appadoo, 8 March 2011)

    It was brilliant.  I loved being able to move about, eat, drink and dance.  I hate being confined in hard plastic seats at other venues, this was so much more enjoyable.  I went with my husband a couple of colleagues from work and met up with several friends at the venue. It was so much fun and the music was world class. I was so impressed that we could hear him singing acapella at the end with no microphone. What a feat.

  • Buble @ Swan Valley (Written by Stephanie , 8 March 2011)

    Concert on Friday night was wonderful!!  Now I am a big fan of Naturally 7!  Enjoyed Buble and made a fan out of my husband and friend who thought they were going to be bored all night. 

    Loved the venue, plenty of restrooms, and good selection of food.  We were in platinum seating with a wonderful view!  Found wine prices a bit high, but unfortunately that didn't deter folks from getting extremely wasted.  Very impressed with the security and how quickly they jumped on issues!  Exiting the parking lot was a bit chaotic but with all the emails it wasn't a surprise, so no complaints here!

    Loved the 2nd stage for Buble to get closer to those of us not in VIP.  Also appreciated Naturally 7 signing autographs and taking pictures.  As an American, it was great to get to chat w/ them:)

    Have already recommended your venue to friends for future shows!  Great time!!

  • Michael Buble (Written by Jamie , 8 March 2011)

       We had a fantastic night, were kept informed via email in the lead up to the concert of directions, parking and our responsibilities by the organisers, frankly they could not have done more. Parking and leaving the venue was a breeze, as the organisers stated it could take an hour, we were 15 minutes getting in and out in 10. As to the prices of alcohol, don't agree with it at all but, try going to the cricket or footy and getting it cheaper. Those prices should have been expected. Or you could choose to refrain from drinking alcohol in protest!

       The highlight of the night was to see Michael come up through the crowd and sing on the central platform. This sent the crowd wild and definitely conveyed what he said in the beginning, he is not who the media convey him to be, dressed up in his suit to just sing songs, he was there to entertain us. He invited everyone to get up and dance and by us doing so, he enjoyed the evening as much as we did and as those around us did. We went with the expectation of getting into the swing of things and dancing and by the nights end could not have danced anymore. For those that were annoyed by this I suggest you go to the opera next time or save some bucks and get the CD as you were at the wrong show , you were definitely in the minority.To see the sea of people dancing and moving was extremely memorable.

    Overall a fantastic night that we could not fault, the biggest surprise of all is having to read some very petty excuses by some here. It just goes to show life is what you make it and we made Sunday night SPECIAL. Thankyou Sandalford.


  • Michael Buble 04.03.2011 (Written by Cristina Lombardo, 8 March 2011)

    Well, what can I say... but ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!. The venue  had a romantic feel, which suited the nights entertainment to a T!. Facilities were very easy to find, event staff very approachable and helpful.

    The 1st support act was very good! held up against the heat, well done!.

    NATURALLY 7 ROCKED THE JOINT!!!! they were absolutely FANTASTIC, the people i was with abosolutely loved it (as this was their 1st Buble concert!), the energy the had was phenomenal!!! definitely the best start to a night of music and entertainment!!.

    Then... Mr Buble entered the stage in his usual style and began the night with bang!!! with great rendition of Cry Me A River!!! xclnt effects the end of the song!!!! His set was simply amazing from start to finish!!!, his interaction with the audience was great, what i found lovely is when he introduced his band!!!! great night all round with lots of laughs and music!!! I would say DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION!!, some lowlights of the evening was when he sang his final song of the night.. when he did say that he wanted a silent audience so we could hear him sing... there were a handful of concert patrons, hooting and wolf-whistling!!!! NOT A ROCK CONCERT PPL!! and the tendancies of ladies grabbing at him, a little respect for personal space!!.

    BUT ALL IN ALL 101/0 SHOW! Definitely will be seeing him again!!!!

  • Michael Buble (Written by Scott Willis, 8 March 2011)

    As regular attendees to other outdoor concerts around Perth and Margaret River, I was certainly excited to attend a new venue.  From the entertainment side of things, our group had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, with Buble' showing the fantastic entertainer he is, and Naturally 7 being absolutely incredible to say the least.

    Personally I was happy with the wine prices, with it certainly comparable to other like events, and was happy with the decission to close the bar at 8pm.

    On the negative side of things however, I was unfortunately bitterly dissappointed with the venue (Margaret River Show).  While it certainly has the breathtaking views to warrant holding these amazing concerts, having most of the audience in what were effectively "restricted viewing" areas is less that ideal.  Upon arrival, I was certainly astounded by the size of the VIP and Platinum areas, with these occupying virtually the only locations with a view of the concert stage.  For those unfortunately purchasing Gerneral Admission tickets, not only was the stage out of sight, but even the screens were low and difficult to see.

    Should you wish to have further concerts at the venue, I would suggest that either the number of tickets on offer are substaintially reduced, or that the venue is appropriately landscaped to ensure that all patrons can actually see the performing stage.  If this is not the case, you may wish to sell the tickets as Restricted Veiwing, so that patrons are aware of what they are in for.  Without a change, I will certainly be avoiding concerts at this venue in the future unless I am able to justify the cost of purchasing the premium seating.  Leeuwin certainly has Sandalford's measure in this regard.

    I do hope something can change to help the viewing experience for all partons, as the venue certainly has the potential to be one of the premier concert venues in WA.

  • Michael Buble (Written by Jamie , 8 March 2011)

       We had a fantastic night, were kept informed via email in the lead up to the concert of directions, parking and our responsibilities by the organisers, frankly they could not have done more. Parking and leaving the venue was a breeze, as the organisers stated it could take an hour, we were 15 minutes getting in and out in 10. As to the prices of alcohol, don't agree with it at all but, try going to the cricket or footy and getting it cheaper. Those prices should have been expected. Or you could choose to refrain from drinking alcohol in protest!

       The highlight of the night was to see Michael come up through the crowd and sing on the central platform. This sent the crowd wild and definitely conveyed what he said in the beginning, he is not who the media convey him to be, dressed up in his suit to just sing songs, he was there to entertain us. He invited everyone to get up and dance and by us doing so, he enjoyed the evening as much as we did and as those around us did. We went with the expectation of getting into the swing of things and dancing and by the nights end could not have danced anymore. For those that were annoyed by this I suggest you go to the opera next time or save some bucks and get the CD as you were at the wrong show , you were definitely in the minority.To see the sea of people dancing and moving was extremely memorable.

    Overall a fantastic night that we could not fault, the biggest surprise of all is having to read some very petty excuses by some here. It just goes to show life is what you make it and we made Sunday night SPECIAL. Thankyou Sandalford.


  • Buble concert, MR (Written by Fiona O'Sullivan, 8 March 2011)

    Fantastic concert although could have done without the first act - didn't find her very entertaining.  Naturally 7 were amazing - what talent!  And of course, the supremo himself needs no words............


    1.  getting in & out by car was better than expected.

    2.  should have had toilets on both sides, not just one - long way for people on right of stage to get over to toilets.

    3.  music coming from corporate tent clashed with music being played at main area.

    4.  Sandalford really need to come up with a better sparkling than Yellowglen in plastic bottles for $35!  Come on guys.........lift the standard!

  • MB (Written by Anna , 8 March 2011)

    A truly magical night, Buble was perfectly complemented with the dazzling backdrop of Sandalford Wines. Well done to all involved!  

  • michael bubly concert 4th march (Written by tom mason, 8 March 2011)

    Wonderfull night , wonderful weather , wonderful entertainment ,, we purchased 4 VIP tickets for  my self and wife and very dear friends of ours ,, but if their was any downside it would have been the following

    1 The marqee for the VIP was slightly on the small side , which meant that everyone was crowded in and this became a little stuffy with no  air  flow , also seating was a little bit light on for the number of VIP's

    2 I asked for a cold beer and was given an externally cold beer but, warm contents ?? come on sandalford !! what ever happened to organizing a dozen of so large esky type coolers ??? the only way to cool beer or any drinks  is with bags of ice ,, forget the cooler fridges with glass doors facing the afternoon sun ?? or maybe a seperate marqee  over the fridges ????

    3 I brought along a canon digital camera with a tele lens and this was regarded as a "professional camera " ??????? and told to pick it up from the office after the show !!!!! very dissapointing as we were told that only cameras that fit in your pocket were allowed ,, that should have been made clear by the promoters in the brochures << so no camera !!! no pics to submit to you

    thanks and regds tom mason


  • Michael Buble Margaret River (Written by Siobhan , 8 March 2011)

    Michael Buble and Naturally 7 were, of course, amazing!


    Thoroughly enjoyed the venue, although had very good seats. When we entered the venue, we were glad we hadn't purchased general admission as you couldn't see a thing. We didn't buy any food or drink at the venue and drove ourselves to and from the venue. Getting in wasn't too bad but yes, it was a bit of a free-for-all in the paddock afterwards and we had waited inside the venue for about half an hour before leaving.


    There definitely needs to consideration for a 'dancing' area. When the people from the back came and stood in front (we were in the seating area off to the side from the VIP area) everyone else then stands up and the older couple behind us had no chance. I know Michael said dance but as Rick Ardon said - the people behind you have also paid alot of money! I suppose that happens everywhere though.


    There definitely needs to be more lighting along the walkway to the carparks. The fact that it is gravel and with steep drops on either side should make it a necessity (and not just the enormous spotlights at the top of the walkway that blind you but aren't any help with watching your step!).


    Overall, I would attend another concert there, depending on who, price and dates (long weekend definitely helped!).



  • Michael Buble - Margaret River (Written by Tania , 8 March 2011)

    We had a great night at Sandalford Margaret River, Michael Buble is a great entertainer and can't wait to see him in concert again.

    The seating situation could of been more organised for us "grass dwellers", high backed chairs were suppose to be up the back, this was not put into action by most.  For us that had seating up the back near the alcohol area, the only part of the acts we could see was the top HALF of the side screens, to stand and see the stage I had to get on tiptoes and the acts looked like ants......we could not hear a word Rick Arden said and the lady who was on stage first (don't know her name as we could not hear the introduction!!) we could barely hear.  We ended up walking over to the merchandise stand and standing there to be able to see and hear anything.  Oh and a better choice of champagne would be nice !!! :-))

    The parking was fantastic, minimal waiting time and cues seem to move quickly. 

    Overall it was a great night, I think that maybe a little more thought put into seating areas and having some way for people to make their way through the crowd (perhaps areas sectioned off with walking paths). 

    Thank you for a great night Sandalford Margaret River.

  • Michael Buble Sun @ Margaret River (Written by Helen Beresford, 8 March 2011)

    This is the second time i have seen Michael along with Naturally 7.  They were all their usual awesome selves.  Another encore would have been great from Michael but i understand time constraints.

    Some constructive criticism:

    The toilets were great!  Plenty of toilets - dont change that! (Saw Spandau Ballet last year and there werent enough there so this was great)

    Definately not enough food venues - waiting in line over an hr for food, so missed watching the support act

    Came in by bus - then we all had to stand out in the sun in a field as there was some confusion about what time we were allowed in.  Only one toilet in the whole paddock and no water unless people had any on them.  (You are lucky no-one collapsed from the heat with no shade).  Also, some people had to go and pick up their tickets - from a totally different gate!  This needs to be looked at for those people coming in on buses (considering it was the vendor promoting the bus service on the tickets in the first place)

    Pricing of alcohol was a bit excessive.

    Bouquets to the security guards - they worked their butts off (particularly down the front).  However, we had paid for seats and were lucky enough to score seats on the side four rows from the front, but we then got bombarded by a large group of extremely drunk people from further back in the seated area who pushed their way through.  My friend and i on the end of the row had 2 very drunk and rude people fall on top of us.  The security guards had a hell of a job getting them back to their seats and some people were arguing with them.  Perhaps not so big a VIP area, more of the general areas and some areas for dancing.  The people by us were drunk before michael even got on stage, and then made so much noise we couldnt hear him at all when he was talking and we were down the front!  Obviously not your fault but maybe some other entertainment before the show may slow down the alcohol intake when we are all bus'd in from 3.15 and there's nothing else to do but drink.  (I realise that being a winery your alcohol sales are the big puller for you but some repsonsiblility also needs to be taken for people's welfare).

    As for getting in and out - i expected the wait, unfortunately with 12,000 people you are going to get that.  (Took us 21/2 hrs to get out of Sandalford for Spandau Ballet) Maybe a bit more traffic control would help in organising drivers to 'merge' and take turns getting out.  There were some concerns though with the ambulance trying to get through.  Also some lighting up the roads for all of us having to walk back along the gravel roads (lots of drunk people trying to stagger back up the hill, not so safe!)

  • MB concert Margaret River (Written by Chris C, 8 March 2011)


    Excellent performance by MB and Naturally 7. We had VIP Stardust tickets with seats in the 3rd row which were absolutely awesome. Sound was great, staging and lighting fantastic.  VIP function beforehand was very good, plenty of good food on hand.


     Wine was terrible. Need to provide your top shelf stuff to people who are paying at least $500 a head for the privilege.

    VIP area was invaded by people jumping over the fence right next to us with security gurad watching them do it - NOT GOOD ENOUGH - you need to stop this from happening or there is going to be a riot.

    Lastly we simply cannot understand people who decide to sit and talk (loudly) to each other all through a concert ESPECIALLY if you HAVE paid the $500 a head to be in the VIP section.  Extremely RUDE and IGNORANT and very annoying. So sing as much as you want but dont have conversations about what you did today at work or whatever in the middle of songs that other people want to listen to - PLEBS.



  • Michael Buble (Margaret River, 6th Mar) (Written by Liz , 8 March 2011)

    Fabulous concert and a great venue. Hats off to the organisers. I was really quite impressed with the organisation (given the number of guests), but agree with some of the other posts that the traffic management at the end of the night could be improved. The handling of cars on entry was fabulous - this just needed to be replicated at the end of the night - there were cars going everywhere in that paddock and no system to really guide them. People seemed to be working on a flawed system of:  the bigger, the more expensive your car...the more right you had to get out quickly. Strange logic really!

    Buble was sensational, though did seem a little fatigued by the end of the night. Never the less, he was the quintesential entertainer and I think one of the bests acts I have seen live. Worth the ticket price and the mad chaos getting home at the end of it all!


  • Sandalford Winery - Margaret River (Written by Michelle , 8 March 2011)

    Firstly, have to say that Michael Buble and Naturally 7 were awesome, and it was a great concert experience.

    The venue, I think could've been better.

    Where I was sitting, I could barely see the stage, so I relied on the tv screens the entire night, however, couldn't see the screens very well because some people were allowed to sit in high back chairs where they shouldn't have been sitting. Security and some people sitting around us tried several times to get them to move, but they were apparently told that they were told that they could sit there. Maybe they didn't get the twenty something emails from Sandalford about where they could sit? Maybe next time, organisers at the gates should tell everybody who goes in about where they should sit?

    I didn't drink that night, but to find out that the wine was $30 a bottle was a bit outrageous. However, I could imagine if the bottles were cheaper how many people would have gotten drunker than they already were. On the bus afterwards, it was like playing Spotto, searching for the drunken idiot passed out next to the vineyards. So I suppose it was a good thing that the bar was closed at 8.

    As for exiting the concert, a lot more could have been done to help people getting out. I was on one of the buses, so I thought it would have been a bit better than what it was. As we were leaving, an ambulance had to get through the crowd, I was therefore practically pushed against other patrons so that the ambulance could actually get through. Why wasn't there ambulance set up at both exits so it wouldn't have to push through the crowds?

    Lights at the walkway getting to the buses would have also been a great help. Several people, some actually drunk, and some elder people fell into the small ditch beside the pathway because they couldn't actually see where they were going. I actually wonder whether the older people would actually go back or not? I managed to find my bus quickly which was lucky, and our bus was left about 10ish, but other buses had to wait for people to find them. There were plenty of lights where the buses were, but perhaps the lights could have been left on a bit longer so that people could see where to find their buses?

    Other than that, it was an awesome concert, and the toilets were plentiful, and very clean. Hardly had to wait in line at all.

  • Michael Buble (Written by Alan Gorman, 8 March 2011)

    Firstly, what can you say about the man, fabulous entertainer carried away the whole crowd with his performance Friday evening. My wife is the real fan but I caught him on the Graham Norton show one Saturday and he came over as a real down to earth guy, instantly took a liking to him.

    Great stage presents, kept everyone entertained with his stories, observations and of course his singing what reaction from the audience, got them so involved from the start till unfortunately the very end, 2 hours just breezed past.

    Naturally Seven, they could hold a concert on the strength of their own talents and here they were the warm up act, as they put it, for the great Michael. If ever there was a bonus here it was.

    The venue was outstanding, always knew there was going to be a problem leaving, it had been continually identified by all correspondance with Sandalford, small lane on to the main road and 12000 people trying to exit. We just took the view that patience and time an we would be out.

    Now for the down side, our VIP guests and possible a minority, their behaviour was outrageously poor, as Michael commented about the slurred speach and glazed look in their eyes as he made his way through the audience. Sandalfords should take some responsibility for this for allowing th sale of alchohol during the show. Not only did it create a poor example of Perth peoples behaviour it also spoilt the night for the rest of the audience who had to have these people streaming past them to get more alchohol.

  • MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT (Written by Neville Moriarty, 8 March 2011)

    Great venue and brilliant artists - but

    The ride in our school bus was less than comfortable and the ride tediusly slow uphill and somewhat exciting on the way down.

    The long cue for the bag search made for a lengthy wait  amidst dust generated by passing buses.

    I was remorseful that I outlaid big money on 3 plastic bottles of inferior wine at extortionate prices.

    Two the bottles that I purchased for our group were knocked over by passers by;  and as the caps were retained by the liquor outlet, the liquid spilt on to the lawn and possibly killed it.

    I hope that these matters can be tweaked for the next event.

  • michael buble concerts (Written by Jean Anderson, 8 March 2011)

    Flew over from Sydney on Thursday 3rd to attend concert at Sandleford on Friday. It was just fantastic and Michael Buble was as usual the ultimate performer. Saw his concert twice when he was in Australia 3 years ago. Natuarlly 7 are so talented. Wish you could sort out the problems experienced when it came time to leave. Took us over an hour to get out to the main road. Travelled to Margaret River to see the last concert on the Australian tour (yes I am a big fan!!!) Again a night of great entertainment enjoyed by everybody in our group.  The queues for everything were a real pain. Stood for 45 mins to get 2 botlles of very expensive wine and then another hour to buy some very expensive and inferior burgers. Hopefully these are problems that you will rectify before the next concert. Overall it was a great week-end and cant wait until the next time Michael Buble is touring Australia. I will be there.

  • Michael Buble Concert (Swan Valley) (Written by Samantha , 8 March 2011)

    What an excellent night out from start to finish! I took my mum who was not a fan and well now she is! We purchased the albums after Naturally 7 performed and by god they were fantastic! I loved the concert from start to finish and wished Michael stayed on stage for a few more encores as the time just flew by.

    I thought it is excellent when he told the story of becoming engaged and how he interacts with the audience.The only sad part was people booing him for his happiness. I loved the end of the show when he sung without the microphone - he has one powerful voice.

    The only negative comments I can give was when people decided to stand on their chairs (we had platinum seats) - it hindered the view for everyone else and most likely those in General Admission. Also the car park upon leaving - it took over an hour to vacate and like stated in one of the comments above, it wasn't until someone came out to assist that anyone started moving.

    Other than that, it was a great show and would thoroughly come back again!

  • Michael Buble Concert (Written by Belinda Marmion, 8 March 2011)

    Had a fantastic time. Enjoyed the performance very much. I thought the Margaret River venue was ideal.

    However, the lines for the bar and food were very long. I suggest food and wind should be available on both sides of the venue not just on one side.

  • High chairs (Written by Garry Robinson, 8 March 2011)

    Fantastic concert. Better than any at Leeuwin. One big complaint about people with high chairs. A section should be cordened off at the back of the venue especially for people with high deck chairs any they should be made to use the area by the security. We had about 20 sitting in front of us and the security asked them many times before the main event to either relocate or sit on the grass and they refused. I know this matter was noted in the emails and flyers but it must be policed when people arrive. It spoiled our night and probably the people concerned but maybe they didnt care. Thanks otherwise for an excellent concert

  • MB (Written by rachel willetts, 8 March 2011)

    wow what a fabulous concert, naturally 7 were great i didnt know who they were so that was a wonderful surprise because they were fantastic.  As for the man himself michael buble he was awesome, his interaction with the crowd was what impressed me so much and his voice was brilliant too. thoroughly enjoyed the night. i guess my only gripe would be the waiting in the same spot in my car for 50 mins without moving.  after 50 mins a security lady came along and started moving everyone along - there were attendants at the exit onto the metricup road but no one doing anything at the bottom of the car park.

    anyway all in all a fantastic night, well done to everyone involved.

    bring MB back soon

  • Michael Buble (Margaret River Sunday 6 March 2011) (Written by Anne , 7 March 2011)

    Fantastic Michael Buble concert at Margaret River on Sunday night.  Support acts were excellent and the lead in to Michael Buble by Naturally 7 was well done and the first time we had had the opportunity to either hear or see them in person.  However, did not expect such a wait before Michael appeared as it had been clearly announced earlier there would be no break - not sure what happened here!!  But it was well worth the wait as Michael is the all round consummate showman and performer!

    You have requested feedback both positive and areas to work on........... so here are some items for the debrief:

    1.  More security and queues for entry to the venue and ticket checking including a line for patrons with only a blanket and no bags etc to be checked so as to fast track entry.

    2.  Some more clearer markings or flags to indicate the area for low back chairs, blankets, cushions etc and high back chairs way at the rear.  There were a couple of people with high back chairs near where we were sitting and when they were asked to move they said they had been told it would be alright and refused to move.  Also more clearer markings on the grass for 'walking aisles' - there were people all night treading through the middle of picnic rugs, eskys, chairs etc to gain access to the food, drinks and toilets etc and by the end of the evening this was proving disastrous with many people badly affected by way too much alcohol tripping over and falling into people.

    3.  Improvements need to be made to the traffic control or a different strategy developed for exiting the concert especially from the bus carpark area when we were encouraged to go by bus to the concert by the event organisers.

    4.  There was obviously an emergency at the end of the evening but how and the speed at which the emergency vehicle was driven through the crowd (at what our party thought was too fast a speed) needs to be reviewed as someone could have been killed.  Also the re-entry to the venue by this vehicle and a police car close behind was a disgrace and again at far too greater speed with patrons safety being compromised by being forced off the side of the gravel road and into the bush!!! 

    5.  Some post concert entertainment / music be provided so there is a staggered / delayed and more orderly exit from the venue instead of 1000's trying to exit together through one small exit area - or open up a greater area to allow for the mass exodus of patrons.

    6.  The pricing for the wine and more particularly the champagne should be reviewed - they were not top shelf names / labels yet the prices were exceptional.

    Looking forward to many more enjoyable concerts at this wonderful venue with hopefully some improvements after this first concert!!!


  • Michael Buble (Written by Candice , 7 March 2011)

    We went to see MB on Sun night down at Margaret River.  Awesome concert!!  I saw MB in Adelaide last time he was in OZ and the ambience last night was ten fold.

    To the previous comments on lack of singing - stay home and listen to a CD if all you want is singing.  It was great that MB interacted with us and it feel like he was actually excited to be here.

    Congratulations Sandalford on a wonderful venue! We had such a great time.  We were in the General admission area and we were a little restricted - it would have been better if perhaps the stage was a little higher.  but with all the screens we didnt miss anything!!  

    It was great that you shut off the bar at 8pm. I thought that there was not as much drunk people as I expected and the plastic wine bottles were really cool.

    The toilets were great! Plenty of them and barely had to wait in line.  They were also quite clean.

    Leaving was a long wait but expected and I am sure that it will be something that you can only learn after an event and will look into for next ones.

    Once again, thank you for a wonderful night - we will definately be coming back!

  • Michael Buble Margaret River (Written by Connie Brown, 7 March 2011)

    A fantastic concert. Naturally 7 were also brilliant.  My husband was not an fan until last night.  We both thoroughly enloyed the entire night worth paying for Premium tickets.

  • Fantasic Mr Michael Buble but the venue?? (Written by C Graham, 7 March 2011)

    We attended the MB concert at Margaret River, and what a fantastic show!! Mr Buble is the most amazing singer,entertainer and the show was awesome, along with Naturally 7 the support act that had everyone on their feet. Brilliant.

    However not as brilliant was the venue. Disgraceful that the bag check staff had the incorrect time on "their paperwork" of opening the gates, so all of us that came on the bus( that picked us up early to make the 4pm opening) were left in a dusty dry field out in the sun....funny our tickets had gates open at 4pm printed on them?? The toilets all over one side of the venue another headache although the toilets were very clean which is of course a good thing. The general admission area was awful, this needed to be sectioned off  with walkways, as once everyone had their seats in position, there was no way out easily to get to food, drinks or the toilet. Have been to a concert at Kings Park that had the general admission area much more organised. Getting out also a nightmare, with everyone squeezing out of the tiny gates we came in through and no lighting up the path to the buses, I saw a couple of people fall over in the dirt due to not being able to see a thing. I agree with the other comments about the buses also, being forced to wait around for other people that couldn't find the bus home.

    If the concert wasn't as fantastic as it was, it would have been a very disappointing evening. The venue is good for concerts, but the teething problems need to be sorted before the next big event.

  • MB at MR (Written by Amy , 7 March 2011)

    I LOVED THIS CONCERT!!  It was a fantastic evening and I will most certainly be back for future events if the calibre of artists continues to be of such a high standard.  I just wish Santana was also coming to Margaret River!  

    Positive notes:

    #1 Michael Buble, his band & Naturally 7 - absolutely utterly totally fantastic!!  Talented musicians, great sense of humour & professional showmen!  Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! <3  I'm sure any men who attended reluctantly would have changed their minds by the end of the night.  I know all the women loved it!  The booing at Michael's engagement announcement was the sound of all their hearts breaking!  :D  Love his humour, loved his jokes, loved the connection with the audience & of course his singing.

    #2 We were dropped off & picked up by my most wonderful fiance, so that was definitely quicker & easier than self-drivers & buses from what I've heard from others.  Just don't understand why they were not letting cars turn left out of the Metricup Rd exit when we were heading in the Gracetown direction? Odd, but not earth shattering.

    #3 It was definitely worth paying the extra for Platinum seating, although I agree that side areas should be a little cheaper than front of stage.

    #4 Atmosphere was brilliant, with everyone around us enjoying themselves & respecting each other.

    #5 All staff at the event were great, thank you very much.

    #6 Toilet facilities were good, queues weren't too long & they were clean.  Could have been lit a little better inside perhaps.

    #7 Glad I didn't wear stiletto heels, given the dusty gravel it must have been very easy to sprain/break ankles.

    Negative notes:

    #1 Michael Buble left too early!!  I could have listened to him all night long!  Seriously though, another half hour or so at least would have been great.  Perhaps just another couple of encores?

    # 2 Why couldn't more respect be shown to the first opening act by advising ticket holders prior to the event who she was?  I didn't find out until today and would probably have tried to arrive earlier to see her if I'd known.

    #3 Having to purchase wine bottles without lids - too easy for accidents to happen.  I completely agree with the 8pm bar closing, there were WAY TOO many people far too drunk.  What happened to responsible service of alcohol and not serving intoxicated patrons?  I still don't understand people's attitude to drink so much they then can't enjoy the concert properly.  This definitely spoiled the night for a few other people I know who attended, especially in the General Admission area.

    #4 The rule on cameras should have been clearer.  Most of the pre-concert emails said audio, video or photographic equipment was not permitted, but then another one said no professional recording equipment was allowed.  This is too vague and needs to be more specific.  We saw lots of people taking photos with cameras (and how would you actually stop those with camera phones anyway?)  And then to ask people afterward to upload their pictures of the event when most people thought bringing cameras was not permitted?  Confusing & disappointing for those who thought they were doing the right thing.

    #5 The new Naturally 7 CD had sold out by the time we had a chance to go buy one.  Will definitely hunt it down, they were GREAT!!

    #6 Thought the food choices were a bit limited for a venue & event of this size.  But given this was the first one in Margaret River, it should be easy enough to rectify for future events.

    #7 I couldn't afford VIP tickets, oh well, better start saving...

    To sum up, CONGRATULATIONS & PLEASE GIVE US MORE!!  We'll be there with bells on!  THANK YOU to Mr & Mrs Prendiville for bringing even more classy entertainment to our beautiful region!

  • Michael Buble (Written by Catherine , 7 March 2011)

    I bought tickets for my husband as I am not a real fan BUT........................now I am!!!!!. What an awesome concert st Sandalford Margaret River.  We caught the bus and had reserved seating which was the way to go.  Beats Leeuwin my miles in my opinion.  Cant wait for the next concert at Margaret River.  Well done Sandalford - Great Event!!!!

  • Margaret River Buble (Written by Ann Newton, 7 March 2011)

    What a wonderful concert! Support act was surprisingly awesome and MB was  the consumate professional. I did find myself embarrassed for the impression that a top overseas act was given of Australian audiences who while so full of alcohol that they couldnt display the necessary manners and decorum to stop shrill laughing and talking while someone is performing. If you are not interested in listening to the music, just visit a wineryand get tanked and be done with it.!

    Also we took bus as we had our 81 year old disabled mother was with us and thought it may be quicker to get in and out of the venue and would allow us closer access to the ground. How wrong we were as at the conclusion of the concert we spent nearly an hour waiting in the bus while we waited for extremely drunk patrons to find the right one. It should be agreed jsut like any public transport that if you are not there when the bus is due to leave, you miss the bus. We didnt arrive back to Bunbury until 12.30pm and had to endure very badly behaved patrons during the ride home. I agree with the 8.00 bar closure, God knows hwat sort of state they would have been in if the bar had gone on longer!

    As already mentioned we were not aware of the disable section of the venue and did ponder the ACROD entrance but no one suggested we take our clearly immobile mother to that as we entered. This would have perhaps allowed her to see even the screens as she was unable to stand up and watch the last few songs. We were very nervous also of the wobbly state of the paths and the limited lighting. Thankfuly we got Mum in and out without her falling over her walking stick. No thanks again to the people bumping and crashing around us as we tried to protect her from thoughtless drunks.

    Regardless of these teething problems, I would gladly give a concert at your wineries another chance, given the fantastic and beautiful venue and the fabulous talent that you have hosted. Well done!


  • Michael Buble concert (Written by Maggie Myers, 7 March 2011)

    WOW, WOW, WOW.....Loved it, loved it , loved it. Just did not want the show to end.  Please bring Michael back next year. Of course Naturally 7 were amazing.   I have now attended 4 concerts at Sandleford & love the location.  I have no complaints what so ever about the venue.  Had terrifc seats ( well worth booking reserved seating)  I don't agree with some of the comments regarding Michael not singing enough.  I thought his playful banter was very entertaining.  LOVE YOU MB



  • 7 March 2011 (Written by Stacey , 7 March 2011)

    We were close to the fence line on general admission and the stage was down in a ditch it seemed, our view was so far away from the stage, could the stage not have been raised higher so everyone had a better view, the video screens could also have been a lot bigger.  Apart from that a great night


  • A M A Z I N G (Written by Jasmin Hopkinson, 7 March 2011)

    I went to 2 out of his 3 concerts this weekend. Friday night at Swan Valley with general admission tickets, the view was not brilliant but the atmosphere was so electrifying it didnt matter. Sunday night at Margeret River I had a VIP ticket. 5th row from the front. I snuck a cuddle and a kiss from Mr Buble himself and one of the Naturally 7 performers who too are MIND BLOWING.

    Wonderful event both nights.

  • comments on the concert (Written by Kim Brunswick, 7 March 2011)

    Hi Guys

    Both my wife, friends & myself thought the concert was a great success, venue, I think only 2 concerns we had & that was , we caught a bus to the venue & on our way back to the bus the roadway back to the buses wasvery poorlylit & quite a few people fell over from lack of lighting & the road surface was very slippery & that fact that the bar closed at 8.00 pm, apart from that Michael Buble was absolutely great  & the venue fantastic.

  • MB Margaret River (Written by Rod , 7 March 2011)

    Great concert. Great venue.  Well catered and organised, though I thought it a little ironic that you ran out of wine.......

    The seating?  The VIP area was so large, that the general admission seating area on the ground at the right rear of the area made seeing the stage performance area almost impossible, due to the way the ground falls, (or doesn't fall)  If general admission is 50% of the crowd, we do deserve good viewing from everywhere at the venue. This was my only disapointment in an otherwise fantastic night, a disappointmentI have not experienced at the Swan valley site.

    Though transport hassles did exist, I am sure you were aware of them, and already have contingency plans in place.  A great debut concert for the Margaret River site. and one that will be extremely hard to follow.

  • Buble Concert (Written by Basil Musca, 7 March 2011)

    Wonderful night at Margaret River truly magical place.

    The leaving of the concert was very poor for people that drove and parked. No one policed the traffic other than leaving the gate.

    It allowed for frustration and people simply pushing in with cars.

    The angst was so much that someone cut the fence wire to cross over to the VIP exit.

  • Micheal buble (Written by Jade Walsh, 7 March 2011)

    Totaly amazing! Micheal buble and Naturally 7 were both amazing. Loved every moment. Thank you for an amazing night.

  • Michael Buble at Sandalford Margaret River (Written by Roslyn , 7 March 2011)

    AMAZING, AWSOME, FANTASTIC. I was blown away by Naturally 7 then went to heaven with MB and the band. Fantastic venue, only comment on the seating is, it was like playing sneek a peek through a mob of bobble heads. (Section B5 by the way).The stage was way too low to have a good constant veiw of the entertainers, in a movie theatre the action is at eye level of those at midway. If it wasn't for the screens I would not have seen much at all, I could have seen as much on DVD. But it was Michael and he was worth the money.

    To people complaining about the waiting time to get in and out of the venue, "Patience" , you don't get thousands of people in and out of a venue in 20 minutes. Though the bag check point could have been closer the the ticket check in to save people waiting in the dusty parking area, and more of them. And the advertised multiple food outlets weren't multiple enough.

  • Michael Buble (Written by Kerry , 7 March 2011)

    Fantastic concert which would have been perfect if the bar rules were not so strict. If michael doesnt like people drinking at his concerts maybe he shouldnt sing at a winery! 

  • Michael Buble Margaret River! (Written by Diane & Richard Maggi, 7 March 2011)

    MARGARET RIVER FIRST FOR SANDALFORD ESTATE AND WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS!  Michael had the big crowd completely delighted at his singing, sense of humour and wonderful showmanship.  Naturally 7 were amazing and I'm sure will hit Australia's shores again in the future. Break between Naturally 7 & Michael Buble a little on the long side (suspect VIP dinner dragged on).  Not good to have a warm up act cool down too much in between the main event.  Nevertheless, it was a wonderful night and hopefully a great start to a Margaret River tradition.  Peter & Debbie Prendiville should be very proud of this venue and we thank them for bringing more excitement to Margaret River.  Good opportunity for them to help create a  tradition like in The Berkshires, Mass. summer home of the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra  and many other theatrical events. I think the Prendivilles just might have the energy & opportunity to place Margaret River on everyone's "Bucket List".  Well done!  


  • Great concert (Written by Chris , 7 March 2011)

    Hi All,

    Love the Buble concert and the venue and seating was fantastic. Arranging the buses to go to and fro was another plus. A few fixers for next time: we got covered in dust from the buses while cuing to get in and I missed the entire Naturally 7 act as I was cueing for food for my wife and I. Also the food was better than most rural shows but we needed club sandwiches and maybe chicken and salad platters and the like. A small bar in the seating area and an exit near the toilets from the seating exit are all little things but things that would improve the experience.

    Nevertheless had a blast and loved it - I hope you can get him and acts like him back again and again - we'll be there

  • Michael Buble Concert 5 March 2011 (Written by Margaret, Steve & Pam , 7 March 2011)

    What a fantastic night!!  We've been to many concerts over the years, but can honestly say that this was THE best!!!  Michael is an outstanding entertainer - fantastic voice, very funny - had us all in the palm of his hands.  Can't wait until his next concert in Perth!!  Naturally 7 were terrific - amazing in fact.  Sandalford's organisation of the event was stress free and well done.   Our only comment in the negative is that we too followed all the do's and don'ts and were amazed to see so many people with cameras and recorders and no security people taking any notice of them.  Members of our family attended the Friday night concert and folk there were having their cameras taken off them for the duration of the concert.

  • Better Than Brilliance (Written by Laurence McGonigle, 7 March 2011)

    Buble's Saturday night concert at Sandalford - better than perfect...better than superb...better than terrific...better than excellent...better than wonderful...better than marvelous...better than fabulous...better than fantastic...better than brilliance

  • Michael Buble (Written by Rita , 7 March 2011)

    What an amaaaaaaaazing night!  Michael was all that and more!  I thoroughly enjoyed the performances by Natalie  and Naturally 7 -

    What a talented group and a show all of their own!

    Michael was charming, entertaining and a considerate performer.  I loved his songs as did my daughter.

    It was the first time I went to a concert and a great night.

    Thank you Sandalford and the Dainty/Zaccaria groups.

    One constructive comment: Getting in to parking areas was excellent however please may you improve the exiting of thousands of cars at the end of the night?  We decide to not go to our car immediately and waited a good 40 minutes before we decided to even join the exit queue (that we hoped would have dwindled by then but which took another hour to get to the road). 

    Also better signage of where the queues take you eg. right lane to Reid Highway, left lane to Guildford would be appreciated.

    What happened to the No cameras and no recording equipment????

  • Michael Buble (Written by Kerry , 7 March 2011)

    Congratutations....Sandalford Margaret River; what an amazing night. Michael Buble first class also his support artists. For the inaugural concert at this venue it left me hungry for the next one! You stand in a league of your own compared to the other major concert hosted at another MR winery.     

    A few teething problems with the following:                                                                                                                                                                                            1. Need more security & bag check personel at entry gates, should have at least 8-10 races for the bus entry location for the volume of people, not much fun getting covered in dust while waiting in queue. & ditto for ticket check entry. Perhaps an electronic ticket swipe machine like at footy or airport could process crowd more efficently.                                                                                                                                                                                           2. Traffic control for exiting the concert was very disorganised especially from the bus carpark. One hour to move from carpark to Caves Rd exit gate!!!! & then more hold ups on Metricup Rd. Please revise traffic flow in your concert debrief.                                                                                                 3. Your emergency protocol will need some urgent review in regards to the medico vehicle careering thru the crowd trying to exit the venue. That was totally reckless. Could have resulted in a fatality.

    Otherwise a splendid evening, thank you  Kerry

  • mb (Written by Leanna Marsh, 7 March 2011)

    Sandalford can definately hold a concert.. MB was great, lots of talk a little bit more singing would have been better, The only problem Sandalford needs to address is the traffic. It is all well and good having these concerts but clearly when you sell as many tickets as you do then you need to have the parking to accomodate these concert goers and the cars, unfortunatly Sandalford can not accomodate this amount of traffic, no amount of traffic control would be able to control this. The traffic management do a fantastic job they are friendly courteous and yes they do direct the traffic, if the impatient party goers are running over cones, pushing in on other cars then of course there is a traffic jam, I have seen these traffic controllers feet run over, spat on, abused and in some cases physical intimidation has taken place. Wouldnt it be much better holding more concerts with fewer people, who can then get in and out with no fuss, you would then have a concert that would be pleasant from start to finish.



  • Great concert but ... (Written by Mark , 7 March 2011)

    MB was great wife and I really enjoyed. Venue wonderful, views excellent. But ... All those emails leading up to the event and no mention that it was a cash only event? And sponsored by Visa and still cash only??? Expected more range of food, again emails prior advised people would not be queing. Loved the hamper stall but how did people find out about this prior? All in all a good night, thanks to the kind people sitting next to us that lent us cash to get through :)
  • In a Bublé of love :) (Written by Alana Osborne, 6 March 2011)

    How to describe seeing Michael live? There are no words. It was an unforgettable night!! :)

    But I would like to second some opinions here, those being:

    1) Make those screens bigger, please!  For the unfortunate souls who aren't close enough to get a good look at the real thing :)

    2) Please allow cameras from now on! :P We left ours in the car in accordance to the rules... If we only knew.

    3) The attempt at controlling traffic after the show was pretty weak. The cars on the main exit lane were given so much priority that everyone else seemed to be forgotten. We were so close to the exit and it took us 30mins of waiting because they'd let 1 of us go for every 30 of the others! :P


    Still. It was an overall great experience and we were very happy with the show :) The staff was nice, the night was so pleasant, the lighting show was great and Bublé... Bublé was Bublé, and that sums it all up ;) Thanks for bringing the best singer in the world that little bit closer to us.


  • concert (Written by Suzannah Taylor, 6 March 2011)

    Last night's concert was just brilliant. I have been a Michael Buble fan for years and to be able to be present last night was a huge privilege. I would have loved some photos but like most others did the right thing and did not bring my camera.

    My only negative would be the impatience shown by people at the end of the concert as they tried to leave. Maybe a few more people directing traffic at this stage could help.

    Otherwise thumbs up Sandalford! I had a fabulous night! My only wish is that I had booked for both nights. Please come back soon Michael.

  • Michael Buble Friday Night (Written by Kerri , 6 March 2011)

    I would also like to make a comment on Mr Trevor Heydons comments   "Get a Life"

    I am an Older Woman who also had V.I.P tickets and have frequently been to concerts at Sandleford enjoyed all of them especialy Michael Buble on Friday Night.  On several of the concerts people have come down the front to dance and enjoy themselves much to the anoyance of the Security but what the heck let them enjoy themselves, I am willing to stand its only for awhile and if your not capable on standing for awhile you shouldn't be there.


    Michael is a true entertainer and quite a comedian.  I certainly would pay that price again to see him.  The Staff were excelent as per usual.  Food in our area excellent as usual.


    Mr  Heydon get a life and let other people enjoy themselves they paid the same as you.

  • Micheal Buble Concert 5.March 2011 (Written by Susanna & Rachel Hopkins, 6 March 2011)

    What an entertaining night, fantastic concert, great organization and an awesome evening all round!

    Thank you, Sandalford for bringing such great artists to WA and organizing the whole event so well.

    Have nothing at all to complain.

    We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the night! Natalie, Naturally7 and to top it off, of course, Micheal Buble!

    Worth every cent of our tickets!   :o)

  • Michael Buble Saturday night (Written by Anna , 6 March 2011)

    Absolutely amazing night. Loved everything. Venue fantastic and our seats were brilliant. Will definately come back to Sandalford for future concerts.

  • Michael Buble (Written by Amanda , 6 March 2011)

    As always Sandalford put on a spectacular event. It is fast becoming my favourite way to enjoy a concert. We took our picnic blanket, pillows and a couple of chairs along with our cheese & dip platter. We used the public transport available and it was incredibly easy and fast. The drivers were all lovely, as were the other patrons.

    Security were great, toilets were immaculate and the line for wine was always kept to a minimum.

    Natuarally 7 were amazing! I found Michael Buble to be a little lackluster at times. It felt like he was doing a rehearsal. I appreciated the audience interaction, but was disapointed to see him use old material again. I enjoyed the concert, but have seen him do much much better. At $130 a ticket, he could have made sure he was at the top of his game.

    Big thanks to Sandalford - you put on an event like no one else I've seen.

  • Michael Buble Sat 5th (Written by William Knewstubb, 6 March 2011)

    My first concert at Sandalford and definately not the last . Brilliant show by a top entertainer. A true professional that made a Valentine's Day gift perfect I Thank You. The support acts and his band were excellent and He himself was a pleasure to listen to and watch given that I'm not a huge fan of jazz but now have a bit more appreciation for it. The venue was very relaxed and well worth the money of Platinum seats for the view we had. Only down side for the whole event for me was the wait to get something to eat before the start. Wanting to get an Anti-pesto platter Ive learnt for next time to pre-order as we waited for 20 + mins in queue only to be told they had sold out. Not the hosts fault I'm sure but just a little thing that can make a great night even greater and maybe better trained traffic controllers on exiting. All in all a fantastic night and we will be back again for another show in the future.

  • Michael Buble (Written by Rachel Hutton, 6 March 2011)

    Everything was fantastic! 

    Easy access in and out of the venue, with a little patience of course, the bar and food service was excellent, staff around the venue were excellent and the highlight, Mr Buble was amazing. What a show!

    Sandalford, congrats on hosting such a fantastic evening. Ill be back for sure(and please bring Buble back asap)

  • Michael Buble concert 05/03/11 (Written by John Watson, 6 March 2011)

    We went to our first concert at Sandalford last night and the whole experience was most memorable. We decided to get a bus from Midland train station and were at the gates by 3:45pm, avoiding all the hassles of taking a car. We got in quickly and got a great position on the grass. The management must be congratulated on the whole organisation of the event. It was great to see local talent given a good go to show herself & Naturally 7 were absolutely incredible. Well worth watching a concert of there own. Michael Buble was sensational and we loved every moment of it. It was great to see him come up towards the back and sing a few songs there. When the concert finished, we went out the back to get a bus again and in a short time, we were back in Midland again & in our car. Our congratulations go to the event organisers on the thought & effort put in to the whole event and we will certainly be back again to be a part of more events.


  • michael buble concert (Written by juanita Ferreira, 6 March 2011)

    The setting was gorgeous. The event staff showing you where to park were great. The support act Naturally Seven were amazing, fantastic, fun and loved the way they got alomost everyone to their feet. The amenities were well supplied and plentiful in number.

    Michael Buble was quite simply brilliant!!! We were in general admission and had fantastic sound, and an awesome view (though felt the screens should have been larger). We absolutely love his music but have never been fortunate enough to attend his concert..or should I say show.

    He was truly spectacular, warm, funny, humble and the way he introduced his band was brilliant.....I could not say enough about how awesome he was and what a fabulous night we had..........that is until we went to leave!!!

    We came from the northern suburbs and indeed were expecting delays to enter and exit....we were directed to the carpark near the exit to Maxwell road. Quite unbelievably when we went to leave we found the number of staff helping to direct traffic to leave in an orderly fashion had dwindled from many at the start of the night  to one!!!!!!!!!! There were no barriers however there were witches hats  to indicate the exit lanes and if common sense and patience had prevailed instead of the sheer arrogance of many drivers i am sure the situation would not have been so bad. To watch hundreds of cars ignore simple rules and weave in and out over lanes of cars doing the correct thing and to end up with at least 20 lanes of cars converging towards the exit instead of two was ridiculous!!!! We truly felt for the one man trying his best, but to no avail to get the patrons to leave in an orderly and more timely manner.

    Surely the event organisers could have instituted measures such as barriers or ropes and certainly a decent amount of staff to assist......watching so many people become aggressive and so many near misses was a sad end to an otherwise awesome night. By the time we exited the carpark an hour later despite being very close to the exit we could only laugh when we were prevented by staff on west swan road to turn left instead of right causing us to take the scenic route via Guildford to our home in hillarys one hour and forty minutes after the concert ended!!! Not happy Jan!!!

  • michael buble (Written by anne moore, 6 March 2011)

    Fantastic concert, Michael is unbeliveable talented and the venue was perfect, very romantic great night had by all...will definately go again...

  • Michael Buble Friday 4th March (Written by Vicki , 6 March 2011)

    First ever concert at Sandalford on Friday night for Michael Buble, dont know why we haven't been before!!!


    Fantastic venue and an amazing cocert , Naturally 7 were also wonderful . the first of many........


    Looking forward to Santana next Sunday night!!!!!

  • Buble (Written by Nicky Street, 6 March 2011)

    Fantastic concert, Buble was excellent, great entertainer. Only a small point if you were not suppose to take cameras in

    then why were the event staff allowed to video the concert where you had to enter & exit the seated area. The ladies were having a great time

    dancing taking very little notie of who was entering & exting this area.

    Parking is still a major issue at this venue mainly exiting the concert, we were less than 300 meters from the road but it took us over 40 minutes

    to get onto the tarmac due to inconsiderate drivers pushing their cars into already congested lines. We were suprised we did not witness any accidents, although we saw a near miss. Also I thought taking my spoons off me was going a bit too far.

    Its a shame more public transport can not be laid on for these concerts as we live North it was not convientent to get to Midland for the shuttle bus.

    Otherwise a great evening.


  • Sat nite concert (Written by Kerryann Macfarlane, 6 March 2011)

    Wow what an entertainer he is, truely fantastic.  I enjoyed the sandalford experience more than Challenge stadium as one had the opportunity to get up and dance.  His sense of humour (Rainbow Connection) and layed back style make him a joy to watch and listen to... I just hope I can afford a ticket again next time he graces our shores.. Love Him, Loved the Concert, very happy... best birthday present I could get for myself!!

  • Micael Buble Sat March 5 (Written by Celie , 6 March 2011)

    What an awesome night!! Our first concert at Sandalford and glad to say it won't be the last. The event staff, including parking staff, security, bar staff and ushers were all friendly and very helpful. Great job guys.

    Naturally 7 did an oustanding job of getting the crowd going. The talent on the stage had to be seen to be believed. Not an instrument used but still so musical. Loved it.

    And as for Michael?? Brilliant!! The songs, his voice and the comedy. An allround great night of entertainment. Can't wait til he's back again. At Sandalford of course.

  • Sat night Buble concert (Written by Kelly Railton, 6 March 2011)

    What an amazing concert! Its the first time I've seen him live and i would definately see him again. I agree with previous comments that his talent has to be seen live to fully appreciate, WOW!! Hard to believe one person has all that talent plus a fantastic sense of humour and looks to go with!

    I had platnium tickets in block A1 row Y and i was really happy with this location, but i think luck may have had something to do with this...  Also lucky to have a cute man in the row directly in front of me that kept smiling at me... I think your name is Paul?( but i was too shy to talk to you!)

    I did also wonder why we were told not to bring cameras when everyone around us was taking pics?? that was disappointing.. Parking was alot better than i expected... the predicted 1 hour delays were only 15 mins for us :-)

  • Michael buble concert (Written by karen thompson, 6 March 2011)

    We had a brilliant time love the venue - our bring your own seating area was great - we didnt expect to be right at the front - yeh the screens could have been bigger.. but not a negative - naturally 7 were brilliant and Natalie Gillespie was a lovely easy listening starter - although I did feel sorry for them that they were just standing in the blackness of the empty stage.

    We loved all Michael start to finish... not long enough!!

    The organisation was AMAZING toilets were all clean looroll replaced no queues anywhere!! Pat on the back sandleford!!

    Our only grumble was that we got dropped off at the west swan entry by our daughter and she was returning at the same point to collect us when we called her but when walking in the car park attendant asked if we were dropped off and were we planning to be collected at the same point? well no thats not going to happen... there is a pick up point on reid highway they drive in and drive off - not the same place as the parking!!

    This was not the case .... we had to walk a long way in the black sand (with white sandals on) in the dark and couldnt get across reid highway ... maybe this could be sorted out for the future. Thanks for an amazing night.

  • Great performance, not so great organisation (Written by Cally , 6 March 2011)

    Michael Buble was great, and i also thought that the emails prior to the show were great in making it clear what the transport and concert courtesy and etiquette expectations were.

    Unfortunately in the emails there was no information about where to be dropped off/picked up from if you werent driving or taking public transport, the mobile digital signs didnt seem to be working when we drove past them on the way in travelling east on reid highway, and the 'taxi sign' was poorly visible at the end of the night to pick us up when our driver was trying to find the right way to go after being told off for dropping us off on the side of west swan road.

    Also unfortunately even though the emails asked patrons to please please not dance on the seats as a common courtesy to others, this did not stop many people particularly in the 'VIP' Section, so the rest of us in the lowly Platinum section couldnt see a thing when Buble came onto the stage in the middle of the crowd. When I asked the ushers if they could ask these people to come down from the chairs, I was told they couldnt do anything! unbelievable, wouldnt that be part of their job especially as this was specified in the pre show instructions?

  • MB - 2nd concert (Written by Emma K , 6 March 2011)

    Thank you MB .. 2nd time I've seen you in Perth and although the concert was very similar to 3 years ago you are a wonderful entertainer and seem genuinely appreciative of your adoring fans.  Sandleford, a beautiful setting and staff were excellent as usual BUT the VIP area is too big.  We were one of the first in the queue but because we only paid $129 a ticket I felt we were miles away from the stage.   I felt sorry for people in the last rows of the VIP area who paid more than us but whose view was not any better.  SMALLER VIP AREA please ... don't block out the plebs!!!! 

  • Michael Buble concert 5 March 2011 (Written by Victoria Martelli, 6 March 2011)

    What an amazing night!  Michael Buble was incredible.  Only downside was that I was with my 94 year old Nanna who is in a wheelchair.  Whilst parking and access were great, no-one bothere to tell us that there was a designated ACCROD area for disabled people that was quite close to the front.  We spent half of Michael's concert right up the very back, barely able to see or hear.  It was only from the kindness of one lovely lady who had been sitting right behind the ACCROD area (which only had 2 disabled peple and their families in there) who came up to us and informed us of the area.  Whoever you were - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    I phoned Sandalford's after purchasing the tickets to find out about access and seating for disabled people, and I was not informed of this area.  I wa simply told that as general admission tickets, we could sit where we liked.

    The two secuirty staff men who helped wheel my Nanna to the area and then back again at the end of the concert were wonderful.  Thank you for you assistance :)

    It was a wonderful concert, but in future it should be made very clear to people as they enter the grounds that there is an area for disabled people.

  • Michael Buble & Sandalford (Written by Jenny Smythe, 6 March 2011)

    What a great concert.  I went "back" to Sandalford after many years of never wanting to go there again after a bad experience there once.  But I went back to see Michael Buble and it was a very good concert.  He's the ultimate entertainer, involved the crowd and even moved through the crowd to a spot where we could see him clearly.

    Naturally 7 were so good - how professional and entertaining were those guys.  You'd swear they were playing instruments.  Well done to them.

    Yes I noticed loads of people had cameras and were clicking away without fear and I wondered if they knew something I had missed.  I didn't bring mine because I too read it in the rules not to bring cameras and now we're being asking to download our pics !

    But well done to Sandalford and congratulations for the set up around the venue especially the toilet blocks.  There were no ques and they were cleaned constantly and they all worked.  That part I thought was EXCELLENT.

    We were dropped off and collected by a family member and I thought the parking areas for drop offs, limos, shuttle buses etc was very well organised with no waiting whatsoever.  We were in bed by 11.

    We purchased wine and it was very well organised with the ice and bags and no pushing shoving or waiting in long ques.  The staff were pleasant and friendly.  BUT the $30 a bottle was a bit steep given they make the stuff onsite!  Same wine in the paper today for $19!  Why does food and beveridge at concerts have to be so damn expensive?

    A great evening was had by all of us (bar the lady in front who went off her brain at another lady because they sat too close).  What a site that was.  Apart from those two, we met some lovely people all around us.

    Thanks Michael and Sandalford and bring on the next one.


  • Michael Buble Concert (Written by Fiona Travis, 6 March 2011)

    I went to the Buble concert on Friday night and it was awesome. I have now been officially BUBLE"ED!!!!!! Sandalford is a great venue and everyone working there were wonderful. Great service, great venue great concert. Thank you to all involved and I will be back.


  • Michael Buble Concert (Written by Sandra Hill, 6 March 2011)

    Great night Michael Buble was fantastic but we WERE PAYING for that! Just wanted to say what a GREAT crowd there on Friday but an even bigger THANK YOU to all the staff employed in all areas from showing you where to park and seating to the security people as well, you all need a HUGE slap on the back for a job well done, without you there would be no concerts! Thanks again to all!

  • Brilliant concert!!! But were cameras allowed or not??? (Written by Jasper , 6 March 2011)

    Nothing short of brilliant!  The two support acts were also fantastic!!  Well worth it.  Can't wait for next time :)

    Though I'm also confused about the camera situation????  All 3 or 4 emails I received from Sandalford Wines prior to the event clearly said no video or photographic cameras would be allowed.  So I followed the rules and left my camera behind.  Yet many people were taking photos (with a flash) at the concert and we now are encouraged to upload photos here on the venue website.  It would be nice if Sandalford Wines could clarify what was the correct expectation.  I'm very disappointed that I didn't take a camera and missed out on photos because of this :(  I agree with Julie, cameras should be allowed at concerts.

  • Michael Buble Concert (Written by Cheryl Coles, 6 March 2011)

    I went to my first Sandalford Winery concert last nite, what a fantastic experience. Michael Buble was AWESOME both signing and doing his comedy act, sooo funny. Love the support act Naturally 7 so talented. Can't wait to listen to their album. Thanks Sandalford for the wonderful experience, I will be going to more concert events there.

    Loved the free bus shuttle from Midland, so much better than battling the traffic.


  • Michael Buble' 5th March 2011 (Written by Lynne Nuttall, 6 March 2011)

    Wow, what what an amazing concert. A fantastic show worth every cent. Naturally 7 where unbelievable and did a great job warming up the crowd, but Michael was just awesome and really did make you feel that it was just a private little show with just you and a handful of others. If he decided to hang up the microphone he could definately become a comedian cause that man is funny!  Loved every minute and will be seeing him again on his next visit. Well done and Congratulations Michael and Crew for a job well done in a beautiful setting!!

  • Michael Buble (Written by Rhonda and Peter , 6 March 2011)

    One of the best concerts we have been to.  Also our first at Sandalford.  Thoroughly enjoyed every moment, every song, every joke.  He is such a performer and deserves all the success he gets.

    Thought the venue was perfect, even the entering and exiting went smoothly. Would certainly book another ticket for future concerts. The Premium seating was perfect and worth paying the extra.


    Congrats!! Sandalford on a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Camera PLEASE! (Written by Julie , 6 March 2011)

    Awesome Saturday night!  Buble was a true entertainer!

    Some positive inputs:

    The sides screen could be bigger please :)

    Also I am now CONFUSED, on the pre-concertemail was mentioned no camera (I read in the previous comments that a lady was asked to leave her camera in the cloak room), so I didn't bring mine, yet people walked around with their cameras and as everybody can see down below we are asked to post our shoots?! Concert goers should be allowed their cameras in my humble opinion.


    Would see you again Michael!

    Until next time :)

  • Michael buble (Written by Joanne , 5 March 2011)

    Concert was fantastic, MB certainly did entertain. I love Sandleford as a venue. And leaving the venue was not problem, within 15 minutes we were out on West Swan Road and on our way home. The only beef I have was the fact that I have to check my camera into the cloak room, it is the same camera I have taken to EVERY Sandlford Event and never had any issues before. By the look of the shelves in the cloak room know one else got the memo about the cameras either. What made it worst was 3 different people around me had camera with bigger lenses than mine and there were not made to check them in. next time advise people of the rule changers and enforce it to all patrons.
  • Michael Buble (Written by Jason , 5 March 2011)


    My wife and I attended Friday at Sandalford Winery to see Mr Buble. Beacuse of a special occasion we chose to celebrate and take up the Crazy Love package, a decision not taken lightly given the cost. Crazy Love involved functions before and after the concert. Both functions were excellent with a very high standard of service and attention to detail,  pleasent pre concert entertainment in the marque with the quality of the dinner provided being high and accompanied by Sandalford estate reserve wines which were also very good. The staff levels in these functions and across the entire venue generally was high, again with close attention being paid to the job descriptions given to these great people.

    Naturally 7 were a very good warm up. Michael Buble delivered a high standard performance in my view with a great range of material- everything from Frank Sinatra covers to a (with respect) hillarious grab of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. Having had the priveledge of seeing a number of great acts including U2 recently, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles (Subi), Billy Joel and few other seasoned acts who have been around for a while and know how to deliver their craft well, Buble and his band was right up there in my view and I would be prepared to do the whole thing again based on what we experienced. Getting in and out wasn't bad for us but I do think Sandalford need to think about how you get 15,000 or so people in out a little more quickly if possible.

    If I may I would like to respond to Mr. Heydon who added his comments earlier on this forum:

    I am sorry if your experience was not what you thought it should be, but a couple of points if I may sir. From where I was sat with my wife we were able to observe the events you have discussed briefly. Michael Buble came on and after his first number, spoke to the audience and invited them to come down the front to dance and party the night away, he added that security did not matter and for everyone to let their hair down. This was a mistake at such an early point in the night and to have the four meter section between the fence protecting the stage and the front row of which you were a part of flooded with people only three songd in was a problem, I was considering the prospect of having to stand for the remainder of the gig to see, something I was not happy about either that early in the performance. This was observed and recognised quickly as an issue by the security chief who was stood behind the fence in a black suit left of stage, he then signaled Buble to get those punters back to their seats which Buble did succesfuly with the help of security on our side of the fence. The concert then continued with everyone remianing in their seats until the end of the main set.

    The encore signalled a relaxed approach from security to those in the back rows coming down and dancing in the areas between the stage and seating and is also the point where you were "impacted" most . My wife and I had no problem with this as we knew their were only a couple of numbers left for the band to do and we stood with everyone else. The front, second and third rows also stood as those spaces filled up. For best reasons only known to yourself you decided to be the only two to remain seated and have no view what so ever of the remaining performance as a result. When people attempted to move past you and inadvertanly come in to contact with either you or your wife because they could not see you sat down you become very agressive to the point of being unreasonable, as you will recall you then attracted the attention of security yourself for your over the top reaction to a lady simply trying to move past you- poor form by you if I may say so. You made the decision to stay seated when everyone around you was standing, you invited the situation to escalate without considering a simple solution and going with the flow of all other V.I.P's who paid the same money you did. I noted you and your wife were both able to walk back to the after concert function some 250 Metres away from the stage un aided and in a normal fashion so I will presume either of you don't have any physical disabilites that would preclude you from standing at the end of a concert for 15-20 minutes? Etiquette can be lacking by punters who attend these sort of gigs at times with talking etc during the performance but in my view there was nothing over the top last night.

    If you want to know what a mosh pit is get some tickets to Metalica next time they are in town, I've done it and I can tell you it's something else. The only gig I go to where people don't come down the front for a dance is the opera productions they have at His Majestys Theatre in the city, I suggest you try that if you don't like a bit of atmosphere at the end of a gig and people having a good time with a bit of a dance to finish the night off.

    I'm sorry if you,ve had a bad week or day but with the greatest of respect take a deep breath, chill out and enjoy what life has to offer and try to deal with lifes little problems in a slightly different manner.

    All the best to you sir and thanks to Sandalford for a great night.


  • 2nd concert (Written by Tony Moule, 5 March 2011)

    We were lucky enough to go to both of these concerts :) What great staff you employ, they were genuinely enjoying their work.

    Tonights concert was Fantastic. Buble sang more and was funnier. Loved how the stage was set-up. He even had a great humor about our annoying mosquitos.

    Naturally 7 were Brilliant. Platium tickets on the side edges should be at a cheaper price. We had seats there last night and Not a good view.

    I envy those lucky people that had VIP tickets.

  • Michael Buble (Written by Sin Beer, 5 March 2011)

    What a great night! We love you Michael!!! First time to Sandalford, excellent venue for concert! Well parking organization, thanks to all the staff. You guys are awesome!

    Just a simply delightful winery...smell the music • taste the songs • drink the air

  • Michael Buble on 5th March (Written by Rach Thomasson, 5 March 2011)

    Just enjoyed the concert on saturday night at sandelford.....buble was very funny, wish he had sung a bit more than he did.....and wish the people sat next to us in the picnic bit at the back would have stopped talking and actually listened to the concert....some people must have money to burn if they can afford to pay for a concert and then sit there and talk all the way through it....would be alot cheaper to take a picnic to kings park and sit there instead and leave us all to listen to the concert we have gone to watch....all in all it was a good concert...not quite as good as simply red though!!!


  • The Bubb's (Written by Kris , 5 March 2011)

    AAAAA-mazing! What an entertainer!! And what a great choice for his opening act. We were soooo lucky to score complimentary VIP tickets through Sandalford and they certainly did not disappoint. As for people coming down front to dance... Don't hate... the man himslf invited them and then politely sent the crowd back. I thought the whole thing was just lovely. For a VIP event, there was no pretension and the staff could not have done their jobs better. Also, nice to be at an event and be able to get palatable quality wines, not crappy cheaply made rubbish. Absolutely, the night of my life so thankyou Sandalford, Naturally 7 and the ever so charming and delightful Buble!!!                                                                                                   

    PS.. MB.... We loved the MJ Billie Jean rendition!!! Fan-bloody-tastic!!

  • Michael Buble parking (Written by Nicole , 5 March 2011)

    We thought we would park in the carpark adjacent to the winery for a quick getaway after the show. This carpark was opened for us for the last show - Simply Red so assumed it would be a goer again. Within 2 minutes of parking there we were run down by timid parking inspector who told us that we were not to park there. By this stage 4 other cars had parked with us. She said if we remained there we would get a fine. We moved our car but the people next to us asked what the fine was, $45 and decided it was worth the fine. We moved our car up a bit further to other street parking.  But guess what, when we left the park was FULL of cars and none of them had fines! Sandalford just has to get the parking better, we have been burnt in concerts gone with up to two hours wait and lots of agro inside the assigned carparking. And then we try and do the right thing and then they change their minds! Good concert but be consistant with the parking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael buble (Written by lydia Bordoni, 5 March 2011)

    First time to Sandleford for a Concert and my husband and I had a fantastic evening.

    Michael Buble was awesome as were Natural 7.  We were fortunate to have bought reserved seating and were satisfied with these.

    Congratulations to Michael Buble and also to Sandleford

  • Michael Buble (Written by Lady Lin , 5 March 2011)

    OMG !!! It's has to be the best concert I've ever been. Michael you are the best !!!! . Loved every minute of it and worth every cent of it and more, 

    Would love to see Michael again so please come again and don't make us wait for 3 years...  To the organisers who did a awesome job, well done......

  • Michael Buble concert (Written by Bill Simpson, 5 March 2011)

    The venue and atmosphere were great as always.  Michael Buble and Naturally 7 were excellent and service at the bar was quick.  There were no problems with the queues at the toilets at the time we went and access to and exit from the limousine parking area was quick and well organised. Overall, an enjoyable concert, even though we are not necessarily big fans.

    Unfortunately, there were 2 big negatives.  Firstly, having paid for 2 platinum tickets and being in the second last row of the platinum section, we were a very long way away from the stage (Michel Buble when you could see him was an inch tall).  From experience at other concerts at Sandalford (although I stand to be corrected but it would not change my view), the platinum section was far larger than these previous concerts.  It would have been more palatable, if the seated area had been divided between platinum and gold with differential pricing with the C Blocks being gold.  Quite honestly, calling the seats we had platinum was a liberty take.  I appreciate that presumably the demand was there for someone like Mike Buble, but that does not make it acceptable.   Just the promoters and/or Sandalford being greedy I guess!

    Secondly, and it seems to be a problem with Perth audiences (as seen from letters to the West Australian about the Eagles concert), a number of the audience cannot stop themselves talking all the way through the concert and spoiling the enjoyment for others.  One wonders why they pay over $200 for a seat just to sit there and chat.  Trying to shush them leads to a torrent of abuse.  Unfortunately, this is not an isolated experience.  Audiences need to be more respectful of the acts and other concert goers.


  • transport (Written by Vicki Moule, 5 March 2011)

    What a great show :) Staff were all so friendly. Thumbs up for Sandalford....

    We give a thumbs downs to the long walk dirty walk from the bus when we arrived. Im sure with so many people using this great service the buses could have come in nearer to the venue. We chose to get to concert using the free shuttle bus put on by Sandalford from Midland Train station. This was a great service, but trying to find the buses at the end of the night was bad. It wasnt signed, it was dark and everyone we asked for directions had No idea at all. Which was a shame. We are lucky enough to have tickets for tonights show. My husband wants to go by motorbike because of the confusion trying to find our pick up point. We are aching from last nights jaunt.(not as fit as we thought we were) Its a shame as now we wont be able to enjoy a drop or two of your beautiful wine

  • MB (Written by Cathie Kennedy, 5 March 2011)

    WOW!What a night,I have been going to concerts for 40 years plus but last night was the best ever.Congratulations to all involved in the organization,couldnt fault it .The event staff were great,the crowd ltself was friendly and relaxed.Naturally seven superb, talented,brilliant.The man himself.sensational what a voice,and his humour just as i like it.{CHEEKY] I live in the valley not far from Sandalford but it was my first time there but it wont be my last.Congratulations once  again to Sandalford to Michael.





















    to Sandalford and to Michael.

  • Swan Valley March 5 (Written by Krystle , 5 March 2011)

    Waiting almost 3 years for another MB experience - too long! The concert was great, but what else would you come to expect from the man himself? Swan Valley is a bit too far from home for me to travel for lots of concerts so I hope the next time MB comes he doesn't choose wine country (maybe our new arena in Perth city will be finished by then!). I agree with another poster here regarding the price of tickets. If I wasn't lucky to have bought a seated ticket on the side of the stage, I wouldn't have bought a general admission ticket because the price isn't worth going to the estate to watch screens rather than the performer himself on stage, such was the distance between general admission and the stage. It felt a bit pig-penish, with the different sections cordoned off for VIPs and the like.

    We had many emails and notices about parking and conduct leading up to the night which was very responsible on Sandalford's part. Shame no one heeded the advice about not dancing in front of everyone. When people are tipsy and enjoying the music, what can you do to stop them? And there were people who came up the side of the stage right at the start, and weren't told to go back to their seats by security, which wasn't fair for the people who paid to sit at the front.

    I liked being able to watch the horn section, they're so talented. Just a shame I didn't check the staus of my camera battery beforehand, as it conked out about 20 minutes in :(

  • Michael Buble Picnic Concert! (Written by Melissa , 5 March 2011)

    I have not been to a concert at Sandalford before, and it was fantastic. Even with General Admission tickets had a fantastic view of Michael. Sound quality was great. The best thing was that Sandalford didn't skimp on the staff, so the venue was very well organised due to the amount of staff keep everything flowing. Quick to get in and out.

    Naturally Seven were absolutely amazing and definetly the best feature of the night, for me personally. I would pay just to see them!


  • Michael and Sandalford (Written by Linda A'Court, 5 March 2011)

    What a concert. It was brilliant. Michael blew us all away especially singing without a microphone. The concert of a lifetime! Congratulations to Sandalford Winery on their fabulous organization.  We took advantage of the free shuttle buses to and from Midland station and it was an absolute breeze. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and it was a night to remember. Thank you Sandalford and Michael!

  • michael buble' (Written by barbara altuccini, 5 March 2011)

    oh my god what can i say, the best night i have ever had, i didnt want it to end! michael is the best entertainer ive ever seen, his voice is amazing and so is he! we couldnt believe it when he walked down to our seats and sung to the people who didnt have the better seats, the balmy evening and the setting was worth every cent. the venue organization was very good, cant wait till michael comes back! hurry michael please!

  • Fantastic Concert (Written by Rebecca Webb, 5 March 2011)

    What a great concert! Michael seemed very relaxed and sounded awesome! We were in the platinum area and the extra money was definately worth it. Loved the last song without the microphone. I went with my hubby who wasn't dragged along but is as much a buble fan as I am!
  • Michael Buble (Written by Margaret Roberts, 5 March 2011)

    What a fantastic concert! Balmy night on the grass with family then the amazing Naturally 7 followed by the even more amazing Michael. Entry into venue was well organised but I do wonder at the confiscation of cans of cool drink then inside cans of alcohol were sold?? A wonderful experience with Michael at his best - pity it had to end.  Waiting for the next one - hope it's not so long between visits!

  • Venue Sound (Written by Linda , 5 March 2011)

    Michael Buble was absolutely brilliant but the sound was not.  Perhaps some speakers further up the back might have helped out us plebs who only paid $129 for our tickets...

  • Michael Buble (Written by Julia Taylor, 5 March 2011)

    OMG - what a fantastic night.  Naturally 7 were awesome - should have been on longer......  Then came the man himself.  Absolutely brilliant!!!  He is just the most delightful all round entertainer.  The comedy and that voice - brilliant.  To all the staff at last night's show - thank you.  You were all so courteous.  The venue is great.  Thank you everyone.

  • Micahel Buble (Written by alison serafino, 5 March 2011)

    It was a great night. The staff were awesome, very friendly. The concert goiers were very friendly too! Buble was aa gereat entertainer and as for Naturally 7 they were fantastic!. I have only one complaint. The screens  either side were't big enough! It would have been so good to see Buble larger than life. Im coming to see Santana next week and would love to see him on a giant screen.Apart from that I had a great night!

  • Buble concert (Written by Anne Cameron, 5 March 2011)

    Great nite!!

    Firstly email support from sandalford very good usually pay your money for the tickets and never hear from the venue. The traffic/parking management was excellent very well organised. Plenty of staff at the long bar so I got served immediately. Heaps of portaloos which were well equipped. lots of food outlets. Stage and screens set up really well. Ambience was lovely with the trees lit up with different colours, In all a fantastic venue which i will definitely come back and recommend this place. In fact best concert i have been to in regards to amenities and customer care. Thanks for your hard work in making my night a great one.....regards Anne

  • Michael Buble (Written by Jill , 5 March 2011)

    Fantastic venue and night. It was worth every cent to pay to sit up the front. We are huge Michael Buble fans and to be that close was incredible. Melissa PALMER - we are real fans also which is why we paid the money. Tonight's concert at Sandalford there is no VIP at all only platinum and general admission. You couldn't ask for a better venue than Sandalford.  Thanks to all the staff at Sandalford. Top marks!

  • Michael Buble (Written by Karen Ruwoldt, 5 March 2011)

    What an amazing night. Most definetly the best concert I have ever been too (and I been to quite a few!)

    From the onset we had the best night ever - fantastic venue, brilliant amenities - perfect balmy Perth night drinking champagne & eating wood fired-pizza's under the stars! Congrats to Sandalford for such great organisation - cannot complain about a single thing.

    'Naturally 7' were the opening act - what brillinat talent have these guys have! Loved every moment of their act.

    As for Michael. . . . . .The Total Package!  What a voice - sounded amazing and powerful - no more so than during his last song when he sang the last bit without a single microphone and his voice just boomed out so powerfully accross the amphitheatre. Loved his big band - what talented musicians.

    He had the best ever connection with the audience from the minute he walked on stage - his wit and humour was hillarious (if he ever gives up singing he could have a career in stand-up comedy!!) He had us rolling about with tears of laughter - even the lady behind us who had obviously simply come along because her husband wanted to say walked away totally in awe of him!!

    He is the epitomy of what a true all-round performer is about - best money I have spent in a very long time. Want to go again tonight !!


  • michael buble concert (Written by TREVOR HEYDON, 5 March 2011)



           YOURS TREVOR

  • Michael Buble (Written by Kim Quinlivan, 5 March 2011)

    OMG!!! What an amazing night! Michael is awesome. The venue was stunning, as always. Michael made the concert feel so personal, even though it was packed. What a funny man. Only wish I could see him down at Margaret River! Will be going again to see him next time he is in Perth. What a fantastic night. Thank you Michael and thank you Sandalford!

  • Michael Buble (Written by Helen Fairbairn-Campbell, 5 March 2011)

    What an awesome performance from both Naturally Seven and the man himself Michael Buble, Michael had the voice of an angel and had a great sense of humour he made us laugh at his jokes and wit and cry at the old songs that bring back so many memories fro me, Truly amazing would definately go and see him again. My 15 year old daughter also loved everything about this concert .

  • Michael Buble Concert (Written by Mandy Jones, 5 March 2011)

    This would have to be one of the best concerts I have ever been to!  The humour, wit and sheer charm of Michael Buble and his interaction with the audience was just special, and man can he sing!

  • Michael Buble Friday night (Written by Melissa Palmer, 5 March 2011)

    Organization seemed very thorough. Parking was well organised going in - pretty slow going out (to be expected) I thought there could have been more food outlets...big queues and long waits (esp woodfired pizza) Wine - plenty of staff on - no waiting there really. Loved that we walked straight in pretty much - nice and fast. Michael Buble was amazing (as always). It is a shame we have to wait so long between tours. My one real critcism of this tour in Perth is the ticketing and pricing set up. I appreciate that your winery has plenty of wealthy customers who like to attend "premium" events. However, for true fans this is the only chance to see Michael in our home state. When concerts have been held indoors (Challenge Stadium) everyone has an opportunity to secure good seats, it is basically luck/speed on the phone/internet.  For this tour the best seats were out of reach of the majority of fans. Sure, have deluxe packages but not at the expense of the real fans of the artist who then miss out on a totally amazing experience of sitting front and centre. Perhaps make one night a concert only experience or open up some of the great seats for a show only ticket. It has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth about your venue. I imagine it is a costly exercise to put on these kind of events but it seems greedy to charge such huge prices for those premium tickets to the exclusion of other fans. Or maybe a winery concert and an indoor venue for those who really just want to see Michael.

    I had a great night pretty close to the front...A2 Row T....the screens were great...looking forward to Sunday night now.

  • concert (Written by LAURA MACKENZIE, 4 March 2011)

    Truly and completely a fantastic show. Naturally Seven were insanely good. Voices that seemed to know no bounds. Awesome.

    Michael Buble offered a musical gem of a show. He kept us laughing at his jokes and banter with both the audience and the band. Then his voice took over. He offered us a treat of his musical range with each song seemingly sounding better than the last. The voice, the special effects, the showmanship....it was all there. Michael Buble is a true artist ,performer and gentleman. What a show.This was one ticket that was worth every cent!!

    Finally well done to all the staff for keeping everyone moving smoothly out. Great job all round. 

  • Michael Buble` (Written by Carol Hoarau, 4 March 2011)

    First time to Sandleford for a concert and what a night and a fantastic talent.  Would definatley go again and loved the venue.

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